Jeremiah Brent Interviews Louise Roe on Next Episode of Behind the Design

September 18, 2017

I recently got to interview fashionista and dear friend Louise Roe, touching on all things lifestyle, fashion and beauty, and I witnessed firsthand how it all comes together on her blog, Front Roe by Louise Roe. Having come from fashion myself, I was particularly thrilled to sit down with Louise to talk about what fuels our love for this industry on the next episode of Behind the Design.

I arrived early in the morning to her cozy hideaway, tucked in the winding roads of the Hollywood Hills. While prepping for the shoot, I realized that not only was I sitting in a living room, I had found myself in a small library. There were books on fashion, photography, art, design — you name it! I could have sat there for days, thumbing through each one, endlessly inspired and perfectly content.

Louise emerged from her dressing room in a wonderfully patterned red dress accented with little white tassels. It truly was a joyful experience to reconnect with a friend again.

Our interview took us through a journey of who, what, where and how Louise Roe came to be. From her childhood passion for reading and literature (that explains the books!), to her transition into writing for publications such as Elle and InStyle, to her experience in the entertainment industry. We chatted away about fashion staples, new trends and new shoes and, trust me, I can go on about shoes forever. We both came to a solid agreement that shoes can make or break an outfit.

Hearing Louise recount her humble beginnings, chasing down hopes and dreams before creating her successful empire, was inspiring to say the least. But what I found most captivating was how she evolved. She was true to her feelings, followed her passion and that led her to where she is now.

I had an amazing time filming our episode of Behind the Design with Louise, discussing all the places fashion, design and passion can take you.

Don’t miss the entire episode, coming very, very soon!

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