6 Things to Get Excited About in 2017

December 21, 2016

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If you folks have been keeping up with me and my career, you know that I’m not one for trends. Don’t get me wrong, they have the same effect on me that they do on you, I just love seeing new things!

I always say, you need to trend lightly.  However, I will admit, I’m excited by a few things that have been prevalent in the design world and are bound to stay popular for a few more years.

MARBLE: It’s hot right now, but then again, when was it not? It’s funny how marble has always been available, but the difference now is how we use it. Marble has basically made its way from pure architectural material to decorative statement.



COPPER: I’ve written several posts that sing copper’s praises, and I still stand firmly behind this opinion. But again, small doses are most effective.


TUFTING + VELVET: I love anything tufted, and I think the rest of the world now sees the beauty in all those tucks of fabric! And velvet?! It’s one of those love or hate textiles, but it’s timeless and remarkably durable. The Vivian sofa is a smoky, sexy balance of both elements.


NATURAL WOOD TONES: I’ve noticed this trend slowly come onto the scene, as we embrace nature and get over the rage of espresso and chocolate wood tones. This isn’t just unfinished wood we’re talking about, but that mid-range tone, which happens to look aged or weathered. There are also grey, greige and cerused finishes that are lovely.

Natural Wood

HEIRLOOM RUGS/TEXTILES: Everything old becomes new, so this comes as no surprise. There’s also been a movement towards older materials recently, whether it’s through reclaimed/recycled wood or traditional rugs that have been refreshed by being recolored. Truly reclaimed things can be pricey, but there is an assortment of new items that incorporate the best of what makes those older pieces beautiful, and makes them more affordable and durable by using modern techniques.


SCANDINAVIAN: Interiors are finally celebrating what Scandinavians have known for years: Form and function can work in harmony without being too showy. The simplicity of this aesthetic may be too sparse for some, but we can take design cues from it.


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