So You Think You Can Photograph

June 6, 2016

Thanks to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we love sharing pictures almost as much as we love looking at them. But what makes a picture truly share-worthy? One word: Quality. So before you upload your next photo (which is super easy to do), make sure you’re not committing any of the cardinal photo sins we did!

1 (1)

It’s at an angle.Tilting your head yet?


It’s gone over to the dark side. Let your photo see the light!


Ambiguous focal point.Give your eyes a place to land.*


No focal point. Have a clear subject in mind when taking your photo.


Blurred vision.You don’t want your photo to make you feel dizzy, right?


There’s someone blocking the view.  Hey friend, could you move  just a little to the left?


Good Crop/Bad Crop. Your photo deserves the good crop treatment.


You’re considering a collage. Let the spotlight shine on one photo at a time.

*Tip for iPhone Users:Press down on the spot you want to set as your focal point, and adjust the brightness by dragging your finger up and down.

Once you’ve determined your photos are worthy, share them with us + tag #myLivingSpaces.

Check out some of our favorites below!



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