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November 7, 2016

Tyler Fiddle Leaf

You’ve conducted your design research, pinned dozens and dozens of inspiring images to your Pinterest board, and done everything just right to create the room of your dreams, but something’s still missing.

And that something may be as simple as a bit of plant life.

Once you incorporate nature in any environment (and I mean any environment), it instantly warms it up and completes the space.

Now, I don’t mean you need to be hauling in huge trees and shrubs, but a little bit of nature and its organic lines can work wonders!

If you want to go big right off the bat, then consider the favorite of all designers and stylists: The fiddle leaf fig tree (pictured above). It’s most frequently used when the goal is to achieve a designer look. Just know that these need light. Don’t plan on putting “baby in the corner” cause she won’t be happy with you!

Tyler Palm Tree

If you are noticing and loving the tropical palm print trend, then maybe a traveler’s palm, a ruffled fan palm or ponytail palm might tickle your fancy. These are all great indoor varieties. The traveler’s palm is clean and classic, the ruffled fan adds an amazing textural element with its broad architectural leaves, and the ponytail is like an elegant fireworks explosion!

Tyler Cacti (2)

Maybe you need a lower maintenance option, like cacti, as they can be really chic alternatives. Stick with something like an astrophytum asterias, aka “sea urchin cactus” or even go for an aloe vera plant, which offers low upkeep and high visual appeal.

If no maintenance is more your style, air plants are a go-to. And you’re in luck, because they are an inexpensive trend (cause you know I don’t endorse large, expensive trend purchases). You can have a few hanging from small pieces of driftwood or just place a couple in a bowl.

With these options, you can add a little bit of Mother Nature everywhere…after all, she is a designer herself.

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  • Reply Emily December 2, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    Where is your favorite place to shop for fiddle leafs? I can only find them for sale about 2′ tall & would prefer to jump for a larger tree. Thank you!

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