6 Plants That’ll Turn Your Home Into a Greenhouse

December 27, 2016

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I am married to a landscaper, and while I originally thought his talents were meant solely for the backyard, I have recently discovered how important and fun it can be to bring the outside indoors. Not only are plants great for the improving your home’s air quality, they are also a wonderful tool for adding color and interest to an empty table or corner. NASA actually conducted a study about houseplants and found that they can also help improve air quality in space facilities. If NASA embraces houseplants, why shouldn’t we?

Many people, like myself, are afraid of adding something living inside their home. I tend to forget to water, and this is an important step when it comes to keeping a plant alive. However, there are plenty of houseplants that require very little attention and can still elevate your space. Here are some easy picks to start with, as well as others you can add as you become more comfortable.

ALOE | Because it’s a succulent, it’s an easy plant to start with, as they require just a small amount of water about once a month. Aloe grows very easily and loves the sun, so the kitchen or a bright room is a perfect spot. It will clean the air of formaldehyde and benzene, which can be found in chemical-based cleaners and paint. Aloe is also great to have on hand in case you cut yourself or get a burn.

SPIDER PLANT | This is one of the most resilient plants that you can put in your home. We have one hanging, and I rarely climb up to water it. When it starts looking sad, I will give it some attention, and I am always shocked at how quickly it comes back to life. This is another plant that will keep the air clear of toxins, and it is also very safe for pets.

SNAKE PLANT | The Snake plant is also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, and it is one of the best for filtering the air. It thrives in low light and loves steam, so bringing it in your bathroom is a great idea. They are known to absorb carbon monoxide and release oxygen, so your bedroom is another great place for it.

IVY | We love our ivy, because it has created a waterfall effect from the high shelf where we’ve placed it. Ivy does well in light conditions, and it’s perfect for adding a little pop. They don’t require a ton of water, so just keep an eye on it and water as needed. Be careful not to over water because the roots can rot easily.

PEACE LILY | This is a great indoor plant and provides the beauty of a flower. The peace lily only requires water once a week, and it loves shade. It topped NASA’s list as one of the best for cleaning the air.

FIDDLE LEAF FIG | This tree has quickly become one of the most popular when it comes to home decorating. I love a fiddle leaf fig and will use it in every room I style, if possible. We have one in our bedroom at home and it provides such a breath of fresh air. Many people have a hard time keeping these alive, but they really aren’t as intimidating as you think.

The fiddle leaf fig likes bright, sunny spots in warmer, wet conditions. I found that when I opened my windows the leaves would droop if the weather was cool. Now, I just make sure to move it away from the window if I want fresh air. It only requires water when the soil is dry, so it’s not a plant that wants attention every day.

All of these houseplants are easy for a first timer to take care of, and the benefits are totally worth it. They clean the air in your home and enliven and brighten even gloomy winter days. Take it one plant at a time, and you’ll learn what works best in your home. Then, you’ll have a greenhouse in no time!

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