3 Ways to Transform Your Guest Room (Using JUST Pillows!)

December 1, 2016

A beautiful guest room is something I love more than anything. I am constantly updating the pillows on our guest bed because they stay put, and I can keep this room styled until someone comes over to stay with us. Here are 3 ways you can style your guest bedroom just by using throw pillows.


If you want to keep a room more streamlined, 3 larger accent pillows are a great look. The garden pattern sets off a striking pattern with a single statement. You don’t have to keep sleeping pillows on the bed since no one is sleeping there every night. This way, the bed can remain styled until you’re expecting guests.


Geometric prints add a pop of color. Repeat the pattern in the back to keep the look cheerful and symmetrical. Add a cute stripe to the front to tie the look together.


Mix and match pillows to create a deep stack. I love a good snuggle zone like this one. By keeping all the pillows in the same colorway and tied together with a chevron pattern, it all works. This is a pile of pillows that will encourage jumping into this bed and getting cozy. The large Euro pillows in the back are also great for sitting up and reading in bed.

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