3 Ways to Create a Home Workspace

December 27, 2016

Peyton L

As working from home becomes more common, I find that most people end up bringing their laptop to the dining table instead of setting up a designated work space. While you don’t have to clear out a spare bedroom to create a home office, there are some ways to turn any room into a functional work space for your entire family.

  1. Add a desk to your living room. Not only will this serve as a work station, it can provide drawers to tuck papers away once you are finished working. It’s also handy when kids bring their homework materials home. The family can be together and productive in one room.
  2. Choose end tables that can store your work supplies. I prefer to get comfy on the sofa with my laptop when  I work from home, so an end table with drawers or shelves for storage is perfect for easy, convenient clean up. This also helps keep little hands and paws off the computer and important papers.
  3. Choose a lift-top cocktail table. These designs raise to your level and hide all of your work essentials inside.

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