3 Easy Lighting Upgrades

December 27, 2016

By: Tyler Wisler


We all have our list of what needs to be upgraded and improved to add value to our properties, or to simply make them look better. Lighting is probably the most effective way to get an easy transformation. Nowadays, there are so many well-designed, well-priced pieces.

Here are three that can add instant oomph to your space:


How amazing would a pair of these look over your kitchen island? The Delia pendant looks modern yet nods to the past. And in this polished chrome finish, it’s an instant update for any tired space. Oh, and did I mention that it’s only $94? You can’t beat that!


Geometric shapes have been hot, and will continue to be. This Caged Geometric chandelier is one of my favorites. There are many versions out there, but they go for upwards of $500, some even into the thousands. Now I don’t know about you, but that’s just not an option. This substantial beauty is under $300! I can get down with that. Perfect for an entry, over a dining table, or even in a hallway, this fixture is sure to be a stunner.


Another fixture I love for its versatility is the Cabot Bronze pendant. Now it’s called a pendant, but has enough heft to hold its own.

This would be fantastic in a family room, a library, over a dining table…the list goes on because its simple design complements any space. It is sophisticated enough for a formal room, but clean enough for a utilitarian area. At $350, your wallet isn’t gonna feel the stress, but your space will sing with delight!

I’ll leave you with this final lighting tip: Use dimmers! When you have a light fixture on a dimmer, you can control that fixture to create the mood you want. There is a whole range between on and off. Just like there’s a range between being awake and asleep.

With a chic new fixture and the capability to control the light output, you’ll add significant “wow factor” to anywhere.

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