3 Accent Wall Ideas that POP

December 27, 2016

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Accent walls help spice up a room, and there are many ways you can approach the design. Playing with color and texture is key, and you can make it an easy DIY project as long as you plan ahead. Here are three different accent wall ideas to try in your home.

PAINT | Painting one wall a different color is an easy way to make a statement. Choosing one bright color to stand out in a room that has white walls is a fun way to change the space. You can also play with complementary colors, just make sure there’s no clashing.

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If you want something more eye-catching than solid walls, play with a design using tape before you paint. A herringbone pattern or stripe wall can make a huge impact if you don’t want to use multiple colors in the room.

WALLPAPER | There are some great wallpaper options available today that will really bring a dynamic look to a room. Many of these are available in peel and stick rolls, so it won’t be a nightmare to remove. The texture on the wallpaper can help change the entire vibe of a space.

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This is also a great option if you want the wood accent wall look without the hassle of getting all the tools and materials. Many wallpaper companies now offer options that mimic reclaimed wood, so you can avoid heavy duty construction.

WOOD | Despite the fact that it’s one of the more labor-intensive options, my favorite accent wall has to be a reclaimed wood or tongue and groove look, which is similar to the very popular shiplap treatment. It’s possible to DIY, but be sure to research and prep.

For a random look, like a wood floor, cut your pieces in various sizes and nail them to the wall in a random pattern. You can even go with a herringbone style if the planks aren’t bold enough. We added a reclaimed wood ceiling to our bedroom, and it feels I’m looking at a beach boardwalk while I’m lying in bed. It’s very calming for the space and a real hit with our guests.

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The tongue and groove option, or shiplap, can be created by running your planks from wall to wall, all in the same length. Decide the width you’d like between each board, if any, before you begin, and make sure to continue this between every piece for a cohesive look. The wood can be stained or painted white like we did in our breakfast room.  White planks make our room look so much more interesting than simple white paint. Then, we added a subtle accent color on the ceiling to spice it up even more.

Do your research before you commit to an accent wall treatment. And as long as you plan ahead and prep, this small project can truly transform your room.

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