You’ll Want An Invite to Crystal Leigh’s L. A. Home

April 17, 2017

I absolutely love traveling, and I work non-stop, so coming home means I get to look forward to many small but special things; like laying my head on a familiar pillow, getting attacked with love by my two crazy little dogs, or having my friends over to watch embarrassing reality TV in onesies.

My home is my sanctuary, and the only place I can dance around in my underwear while cooking a 5-course meal for my boyfriend at midnight.

I’ve lived in a few different cities, but my house in Los Angeles is the place where I feel most at home. I’ve realized over the years that a place becomes your home through the memories you make in it, and my best memories have been made here. I am so passionate about the quality of my relationships, and I love that I can foster those relationships by making my loved ones feel comfortable in my home. Each little piece of furniture was picked with that concept in mind.

I’m not big on going out, so I’ve created a living space that accommodates many different activities. I love to host game nights, watch movies in the cabana, relax in the hot tub, or have brunches out on the back deck.

On Saturday afternoons, we bring peace and good vibes into the space by having friends over for yoga and meditation. We’ve also built a music studio in the garage and turned the backyard into a magical twinkle-tree fairy forest where we host Friendsgiving every year.

Some people enjoy being alone in their home, but I like to be surrounded by the ones I love. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my friends enjoy themselves in this special space, and great background music (check out my Spotify playlist) doesn’t hurt either. Los Angeles can be a crazy city at times, but if you have a place to call home and good people around you, it ain’t so bad.

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