Make Your Holiday Décor Work ALL Season Long

November 16, 2016

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I have always decorated for fall, then for Halloween, then for Thanksgiving and finally for Christmas. It’s crazy and overwhelming! This year, I am finding easy ways to decorate once and just make easy tweaks to transition from each holiday.

First, I am starting with a neutral palate of green and white. Both of these colors can be used throughout every holiday, so this will be my base that I build upon. Start with your mantle and dining table and spread out from there. White pumpkins, green apples and grapevine wreaths are great items found in nature that you can use. Mix in some flowers, and you will quickly have a great fall display.

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For Thanksgiving, add some greenery to your mantle and centerpiece with eucalyptus or magnolia leaves. If you want a glam element, mix in some metals with gold, silver or copper accents. If you have a glass vase, you can even paint a metal colored ring around the bottom then add flowers or candles inside.

Thanksgiving to Christmas is probably the biggest transition. If you added orange, take that away and replace it with red berries or flowers. The greenery can also be updated with an evergreen or you can just add it in with the greenery you used for fall. Evergreen and magnolia look great together. The metal items you used for Thanksgiving can also easily transition to Christmas and will provide that sparkle. I like to tie it all together with white accents through candles and flowers.

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So green and white remained my base for the entire holiday season. Then, I incorporated a few different elements for each holiday. This kept me from having to redecorate every month. It’s a time-saver and will allow you to enjoy the holidays without worrying about accumulating more décor than you actually need. Keep it simple and don’t over think it!

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