Hosting The Holidays

November 22, 2016


With the holiday season in full swing, we’re all thinking about buying presents, preparing meals and maybe even accommodating guests that will be staying with us. Well, to make things easier on everyone, you can plan ahead and anticipate your guests’ needs before they arrive and have to ask. Here are a few tips that can help eliminate the stress that often comes with hosting.

Set out a welcome basket. This could literally sit on or by the bed, so guests know right away that this is for their use. Start off with a great basket that can hold plenty of items but also tucks away easily.

A few bottles of water are nice to include, as are a couple of snacks. Maybe a few pieces of chocolate, or even a small batch of homemade cookies! This keeps your guests, who might get the munchies in the middle of the night, satisfied and prevents them from rummaging around in your kitchen cabinets.

A small flashlight is another addition you might not think of, but I guarantee will be appreciated. Guests don’t necessarily know how to navigate your home in the dark as well as you do. So when nature calls, they can get where they need to go without feeling like they’ll disturb everyone by turning on the lights.

A few magazines and/or your favorite novel can top off the basket for when guests need something to help them decompress.

Tyler - Basket

You can’t forget a comfy throw blanket either. While you may love the temperature you set for your home, others might find it too warm or too cold.

On the nightstand, a nice bedside touch would be a framed note with your WiFi network and password. Let’s be real, everyone needs WiFi, and really, do you even remember what the password is?

A small catch-all bowl to hold their change, watch or wallet is another smart extra.

All it takes are a few thoughtful gestures to let your guests know that their needs were anticipated prior to their arrival. These small actions will put them at ease, and make them feel just as much at home as you do!

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