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November 10, 2016

 Jeremiah 1

This time of year always inspires me to reconnect — with old friends, with new friends, with family. There is something about the start of the holiday season, and especially about Thanksgiving, that gives me pause to consider the people in my life, and how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many amazing loved ones.

I have always been a proponent of using dinner parties and celebratory get-togethers to remind those I love just how cherished they are. Even something as simple as a family dinner can be an amazing way to reconnect, and I always love creating unique little moments of celebration. 

I always love creating unique little moments of celebration.”

Taking a second to put together a beautiful centerpiece of flowers from your own garden will instill the sense that home is truly at the center of it all. Or perhaps leave a special little gift at the place of each family member as a surprise.

If you’re throwing a dinner party, consider using unique placeholders — opt for a small trinket that reminds you of the person who will be sitting there, or a photo of the two of you together. You could even concoct a specialty cocktail (or mocktail) that is themed around the friends you’ve invited. Your guests will feel special throughout the whole night, and you’ll find that everyone will remember your individualized touches.

Take the time to reconnect with your family and friends this month. Hang some newly framed candid photos of the people you love in your home, or plan a small casual gathering with some friends who you rarely see. Taking the time to create these moments of celebration in your space and in your life will be a wonderful reminder of just how incredible the people around you are.

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