Culminating in Joy

December 6, 2016

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December marks a number of things: the culmination of the calendar year, the start of the cold weather and transition into winter, and so many, many holidays. No matter what religious or cultural background you come from, almost everyone finds a reason to celebrate this season. And even if you come from a family that doesn’t observe any of the December holidays, there is still something about this month that simply begs for parties, joyousness, and gatherings of friends, family and loved ones.

My decorating focus this time of the year is always one of peace, joy, love and unity. I suppose that’s what this month encapsulates for me. I love the tone of the holiday season — the air of whimsy, delicate beauty, and the inclusiveness that comes with hope and joy.

Especially now that my daughter is in my life, I find a new wonder in watching the experience of the holidays through her eyes: the sparkly lights, the crisp white snow (or approximation thereof, in Los Angeles), the celebratory atmosphere, and the warm coziness of winter materials and textiles.

More and more I use that feeling as a starting point when tackling holiday decor: What will bring pure happiness to my daughter (and more extensively, to all of my loved ones)? What will instill wonder and curiosity and joy?

Find those characteristics in your decor — whether it’s a delicate shimmery throw pillow that you’ve been coveting, a sentimental chunky throw blanket or a vintage set of ornaments.

Your decor during this season should reflect all of the joy and love you want to bestow upon your dear ones — and each piece should have a special meaning to you, or invoke a particular feeling. After all, what better way to wrap up the year, than surrounded by pieces and people whom we truly love?

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