An Easy Tablescape for the Holidays

December 13, 2016

When it comes to holiday entertaining, setting the table should be the least of your worries. Remember, everyone is gathered together to have a laugh and catch up on life, so there’s no need to stress!

I had to set a table for Pinterest and demonstrate how easy putting together a chic presentation can be. Here’s how I did it:

Tyler 1

The basic elements were kept simple. There were no patterns but lots of textures. I think when you take this approach, the food becomes the focal point.

By now, you all know that I love to layer things…like my rugs! So I layered a scrap piece of leather with linen placemats. To keep it relaxed, they were not placed directly under each plate. I purposely set them at odd angles, even hanging some off the edge of the table!

Tyler 2

I had a collection of bottles and glass vessels, and none were the same shape, color or size, which was PERFECT! This actually added dynamic height and movement to the tablescape. Some I left empty, others I filled with battery operated LED firefly lights, and a few got a sprig of seasonal greenery. Fun right?

Tyler 3

Not everyone has a full matching set of plates or flatware…I get it. Again, don’t sweat it. Mix it! I used shiny copper flatware with matte black flatware. Yeah, rebel! To keep that casual vibe going, I bundled them together. I mean who remembers or cares which side the salad fork goes on?

So I cut 8” strips of leather (yeah that same leather on the table), and I made a small slit on one side, so I could slide the other end through it. Voila! A little DIY flatware bundle. Plop one on each plate, and you’re golden…or copper and black in this case.

Tyler 4

I sprinkled a few other items around the table, including antlers that I spray painted black, as well as multiple pinch bowls filled with salt and pepper, so guests were able to season their food without having to ask, “Can you pass the salt?”

With these simple ideas, you’ll have the confidence to set your table like a champ. I want pictures, or better yet, an invite!

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