How The It Mom + The It Dad Make Home Their Foundation

March 23, 2017

The way you live your life says a lot about you and who you are as a person. Living a life that is meaningful is incredibly important in our household, and we share our true values as a family every single chance we get.

From living in a state of poverty and feeling as if we had nothing left, we persevered and now live a life of plenty. Out of all of the challenges that we have been faced with, at the end of the day, our family is together and that is most important.

Gathering around the table for meals and get-togethers with friends and family just goes to show what a bonded family can do when they are together. Our key passions in life align with transforming lives through serving others. The faith we have as a family has made us realize that, even after everything we have been through together and the different seasons of our lives we have gone through, something was missing. That lack of fulfillment was a void that is now filled.

Today, as we strive to help others and make them realize how wonderful they truly are, in every way possible, we feel complete and incredibly inspired. There is nothing quite like the bond that brings a family together from the feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction that you’ve done some good in this world.

Working hard to help others has also helped us teach our children to be giving and loving, and to strive to serve others as we do. We’ve worked to put a legacy into place for our future, and so far, we love the sight of things.

We have helped others succeed and find their passions in our home. Once a house, it is truly now a home to our family and to our community. We love nothing more than to invite friends over to partake in bible studies and all sorts of gatherings to learn from each other and to strive as a group and as individuals.

Now, as I mentioned, we once were living in poverty and at that time, we likely never imagined that we could possibly be so fortunate to have this beautiful executive home today. A home like this was a figment of our imaginations, and something that most definitely didn’t seem real.

Our home serves us and helps us live beyond what we ever thought our potential was. This very home has been proof that if we’re able to pull out of and get beyond a dark and difficult time, anyone can.

Using your faith is what will get you through, and to the point of satisfaction, gratitude and grace that we are able to live present today and every day.

Our home proves to our guests and to our family how important it really is to keep fighting and keep pressing on in life, no matter the circumstances.

 Our home proves to our guests and to our family how important it really is to keep fighting and keep pressing on in life, no matter the circumstances.

This very dining room is the place in which we entertain, we brainstorm, we collaborate, we pray and learn. We do this together, we do this as a couple and we do this as a family. As a whole family, we get together and share events and positivity, and we welcome friends and family with open arms to join us in our journey as a passionate family who live their lives to the fullest each and every day.

It is so incredibly important to make your house a home – in the sense that your guests feel just as at home as you do. No matter the size or shape of your home or the color and décor – you can make your house feel as if it is a place to serve your passions in life.

Our home is our foundation. It shows what we have been able to achieve and what our idea of hard work and passion looks like.

Our home is our foundation. It shows what we have been able to achieve and what our idea of hard work and passion looks like. It is something that we are extremely proud of and love to share with others. Since we invite guests over often, having furniture and décor that suits our family is incredibly important to us.

This means having comfortable arm chairs and side chairs for gathering around the table and home décor that represents our style and our family as a whole. We love furniture and décor shopping together, and mixing everybody’s styles to create a unique space that is part of each and every one of us.

Furniture can bring people together through their sense of style. Our guests will tell us stories and we get to share why we chose the pieces in our home. Whether it be sharing the love of a piece of furniture or décor or learning stories that remind each other of a specific time, the pieces that fill a house help make it a home.

Getting to know others and being able to invite people into our lives fills our hearts and souls more than we could ever have imagined. It’s an incredible feeling to share such passion with like-minded friends and those who need more positivity in their lives.

Our kids see the way we run our home, and as they grow up, they’re witnessing first-hand how to live a life full of serving others and transforming the lives of those who need guidance and support, and they will to continue on and believe that they, too, can become something more than they think.

Our home is our footing, and after all of the thunderstorms we have been through in our lives, there is no greater sentiment than looking around and realizing that what we have built will serve our family and our guests for a long, long time.

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