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June 8, 2017

For the past 3 years I have been building Beautiful Booze, a social outlet where I share my cocktail adventures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. I set out to create a website that would allow me to show my uniquely crafted recipes to friends. While posting my pictures, I realized there could be an opportunity for me to grow as a home bartender with a flair for styling.

My social media following has now reached over 65K on Instagram, and through all of my networks, I have accumulated nearly 1,000,000 impressions per month.

I’ve been learning on the job, and I’m constantly striving to take things to the next level by keeping up with the latest trends.

When I hosted dinner parties at my home in Queen Anne, Seattle, I liked making the occasion feel special by having a signature cocktail for guests as they walked through the door.

As I started crafting unique cocktails for each party, a number of my friends began asking for the recipes, so I decided to start writing them, and I posted them on my social media profiles. One evening, I dreamed about creating the Beautiful Booze website as a way to share my love of home entertaining and developing new cocktails.

Providing a resource for other home entertainers and bartenders also became an important focus for me. In addition to sharing recipes, I was also interested in finding new and beautiful ways to capture cocktails by focusing on the details, like glassware and drinkable moments.

Once I acquired a small audience of followers, I was approached by various outlets to create drinks for their audience, which motivated and inspired me even more.

I eventually decided to make a transition, and I left my career as a grant writer and research coordinator at the University of Washington to work on Beautiful Booze full time. Because I didn’t have a background in bartending, blogging or marketing, I would spend hours researching and trying to learn everything I could about these industries.

The hard work paid off, and I was able to fully pursue my passion and help others gain confidence in crafting cocktails.

In addition to running Beautiful Booze, I love to travel for inspiration, so I’ve also been a full-time nomad since November 2015. I’ve had the great fortune of gaining cocktail inspiration from exploring the different flavors and cultures of each city I visit. I love walking through local markets and creating cocktails using the unique fruits and flavors I come across.

I also enjoy visiting local bars and finding unique spirits and liquors from all over the world. Talking to the staff and learning how to utilize these ingredients is always so much fun. Then, I’ll go back to my AirBnB and craft something inspired by my adventures.

My favorite parties to host and curate are usually Mexican-themed, as I have spent a lot of time in different regions of Mexico and have fallen in love with the culture. Friends of mine who own and manage local venues, such as Hanky Panky (my favorite bar) and Huset in Mexico City, will join me in exploring the culinary and cocktail scene there.

I’ve found that Mexico has the most diverse culinary profile of any country I’ve visited. Not only do they distill a wide variety of spirits and liquors, they work with a range of flavors, from subtle ceviche to bold mole.

I also lived in Buenos Aires, another amazing city. My friend, who runs a mobile bartending company called Holy Champagne, introduced us to the local markets and culture. Not only was I able to forge ingredients from these amazing places, I picked up unique home items, such as antique glassware, props including old seltzer bottles and beautiful handmade fabrics.

Throughout my travels, I’ve had the opportunity to expand the scope of Beautiful Booze. I contribute travel and lifestyle photography and articles to publications like Chowhound, and I’ve even started a social media management agency to help grow accounts for a variety of companies.

My biggest supporters are my loyal followers. I am amazed at the encouragement I receive through social media. Friends from all corners of the world also support Beautiful Booze by liking and sharing my content, which is crucial for growing and maintaining the business. Then, there is my boyfriend. He’s by my side supporting me every day, not only mentally but with content and photography. He has taken over many of the business aspects, which allows me to keep a clear mind and concentrate on being creative.

Want to try my favorite recipes? Click the links below!

Pineapple Tequila Sour

Mandarin Mint Julep


…And for some fun facts about me, keep reading:

  • I have created a recipe index on Beautiful Booze with almost 500 unique cocktails, which include my favorite recipes.
  • The way I set up my shoots to best display my cocktails is similar to the way I perceive my personal style. I love combining something new with a touch of classic in my home, so a lot of my cocktail recipes are adaptions of classic cocktails.
  • One of my favorite creations is a cocktail that was inspired by the classic Margarita, aptly called the Pineapple Tequila Sour. This cocktail is made with tequila, fresh pineapple juice, fresh lemon juice, agave syrup and an egg white.
  • When I go out and explore new bars, I will frequently skip the house list and instead order one of my favorite classic cocktails: The Daiquiri. I believe it’s underrated because a lot of people associate it with the blended version. The classic Daiquiri includes only 3 simple ingredients: Rum, sugar and fresh lime juice. It’s such a simple, versatile recipe and can be mastered easily by home bartenders. I always encourage my followers to start with a basic recipe then add their own personal flair. For example, if you have strawberries on hand, add them into a Daiquiri for a tasty variation.
  • What I love most about cocktails is how they really bring people together. I find myself constantly meeting and conversing with interesting people over a drink, and I may never have met them otherwise.
  • My friends and followers frequently ask me about appropriate large batch cocktails. I will almost always suggest creating a punch, which doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. You can upgrade your presentation for a formal event by creating a killer garnish to elevate the punch. I would make the classic Moscow Mule into a punch by enhancing it with a strawberry simple syrup, which adds a beautiful color. Then, I would garnish it with edible flowers, sliced strawberries and fresh herbs to draw attention.
  • My ultimate party would include a huge welcome punch, as well as a DIY cocktail bar with all kinds of spirits and garnishes. This way, everyone could celebrate and create their own cocktail and style on the spot.




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