Purple Heart Recipient, Sgt. Povas Miknaitis Opens the Chapter to His Happily Ever After

September 14, 2017

Our partnership with Furnishing Hope has not only allowed us to help veterans heal at home, it has introduced us to wounded heroes with deeply inspiring stories. We’re sharing their tales of personal challenges and triumphs in our Furnishing Hope blog post series, so you can learn more about these courageous individuals and the lives they’re leading now.

What follows is an account of Purple Heart recipient, Sgt. Povas Miknaitis’ experiences before and after Furnishing Hope designed a dream home for him.

When asked what it means to have his home furnished by Furnishing Hope, Sgt. Povas Miknaitis said:

“Since this is my first home, and a home that I hope to one day raise children in, I am so blessed to have Furnishing Hope help make my new house a real home.

I enjoy entertaining guests and I can’t wait to have a home and yard large enough to comfortably spend time with my girlfriend, friends and family. Transitioning out of the Marine Corps after recovering from my injuries was hard. I was so busy going to school and then getting my first civilian job. 

It means a lot to me that there are people in my community who want to help me start the next chapter of my life.”

Sgt. Miknaitis joined the military because he wanted to serve his country. He was awarded the Navy Commendation with “V” for Valor in combat and a Purple Heart.

In 2006, while moving into a building, an IED detonated and injured Sgt. Miknaitis and his team. He ignored his wounds and tended to his team in order to stabilize them. Medevac took 2 hours to get into position, so the fact that he and the corpsman were able to keep his team alive was nothing short of a miracle. Once Medevac arrived at their position, Sgt. Miknaitis carried one of his teammates, who had lost both of his legs, to the vehicle. Only then did the rescuing party realize that Sgt. Miknaitis had received a serious head wound, which resulted in the removal of his ear and one-third of his mouth.

Now that he is recovered, retired and residing in San Diego with his dog, Striker, Sgt. Miknaitis is looking forward to furthering his career, raising a family one day and,“living happily ever after.”

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