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June 2, 2016

By: Peyton Lambton

Working from home has it pros and cons.

Pro: You can wear PJs all day. Con: That may or may not lead to a decrease in productivity and an increase in napping.

Pro: No commute. Con: No smooth, easy transition from “off”  to “on” mode, and vice versa.

Well, all pro/con arguments aside, one of the most important moves any stay-at-home employee can make is to create a quiet, efficient, inspiring work space. Where that is and what that looks like depends entirely on you, so here are 4 home desk zones for 4 basic working styles, as identified by Inc.


Ryland Desk

Doers “come alive when tasks are complete, lists are checked, or projects are tackled. They typically have intense focus and are detailed in their efforts.”

A true home office is the best desk zone for the “doers” among us. You need that sense of seclusion in order to foster your concentration and determination. A desk with plenty of drawers for supplies and files, and a nearby bookcase filled with texts you can reference are other helpful essentials.


Jenica Desk

You know you’re a leader if you have the ability to, “create the vision and inspire others to believe in it.” People often listen to, admire and follow you.

As the “idea” person, your open mind thrives in an open space. A view of the outdoors and ample natural light will keep you stimulated and energized, and a sleek, simple glass-topped desk will provide that feeling of freedom that fuels you.


Maxwell Sectional

Lovers are relationship-builders who possess a sensitive and empathetic working style. You “have an unconscious finger on the pulse of every other person on the team.”

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t schedule face time with your collaborators…in fact, lovers crave that personal connection and interaction. Unconventional though it may be, holding the occasional meeting in your living room is a great solution. Plus, who wouldn’t prefer to brainstorm on a comfy sectional?


 Tesla Dropfront Desk

Researchers through and through, learners want to understand all the angles of an issue. “They are deliberate, disciplined, and tend to think more strategically than most people.”

With all of the books, periodicals and journals you look through, storage is your best friend. A dropfront desk, which conceals all that clutter when guests are over, is your dream design, and because of its nifty capabilities, you can transform pretty much any space into an office.

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