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May 20, 2016

By: Jeremiah Brent

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For me, there is nothing that compares to the sensation of travel. I feel most authentic, present, and like my true self when I am traveling and seeing the world. Every sight and every experience is like a breath of fresh air, bringing creative inspiration. My husband and I have always espoused the belief that your home should feel layered and curated, as though it was built and added to over time. Travel is an amazing opportunity to find beauty in new adventures and to collect pieces that will continually transport you back in time to the memory or feeling of when you found it.

Here are a few things that I always keep in mind when I’m traveling, which allow me to embrace unexpected opportunities and experiences. Hopefully, during your own explorations, you can follow along with these suggestions to curate both your own memories and decor inspiration.

NOTICE THE DOORS: I know it sounds odd, but one of my favorite features to look for when in a different country are the doors and doorways. Every corner of the world has unique traditions and designs when it comes to entrances — different textures, paint effects, and architecture. I have designed furniture, sofas, wall hangings, and even paint details in various rooms that have been inspired by some of the most beautiful doors across the world. Beyond creating a unique and special moment, I love to think about the stories and people who have passed through these doorways and portals.

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BUY A BASKET: Not only are baskets an amazing example of the numerous and varying types  of woven accents and crafts throughout the world, they are an incredibly practical item to collect. You will never get tired of the baskets you acquire, and they can truly be used in a variety of ways — both functional and aesthetic. Hang a basket vertically on your wall for an unexpected visual pop, or use one next to a sofa or console full of beautiful blankets. Baskets are not only a great souvenir from your travels, but they can transition in your family. Not only can their importance change as they’re passed down with the corresponding memories, but their use can evolve with your family’s needs and interests.

BE PRESENT: So many times while we are traveling we get caught up in the planning and details, and don’t necessarily take the opportunity to look around and notice the beauty of what’s around us. Every morning while our family travels, I write down something beautiful I saw the day before — from the expected to the unexpected. It could be the way a tribe entertained at a meal, the sense of pride I witnessed while a woman was weaving a tapestry, or even the simplicity of a tree alone in a grassy field. Every experience, if you allow it, has the ability to shape the way you move through the world and even how you design your home.

Travel is truly singular, and the memories are irreplaceable. It’s an occasion to remind ourselves of the vast amount of beauty and untapped treasures that exist around the world. Approach the design of your space as a timeline of your travels — throughout life, love and the world — and you will find your house morphing into a true home.

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