There’s No Place Like Rome: Find Your Connection Through The Colosseum

February 10, 2015


No world tour of wonders would be complete without a stop in Rome, where among its many ancient and awe-inspiring structures, there stands the largest and most famous amphitheater ever constructed – the Colosseum.

Situated at the center of the city, it is an everlasting symbol of the Roman Empire, and although it has been through a lot since its conception in 70 AD, the Colosseum is still a beacon of architecture and engineering.

Today, we can enjoy this breathtaking sight not just as a tourist attraction, but as a source of design inspiration. If you were to interpret it literally, you might end up with an elliptical home made of concrete and stone. As awesome as that sounds, we’ll opt for an artistic way to integrate this wonder in your interior.

Like most works of Ancient Roman architecture, the Colosseum is characterized by its grand arches and columns, which are adorned with moldings, motifs and reliefs, including dentil molding, egg and dart molding, bead and reel molding, as well as acanthus leaf and volute detail. Also, in its original form, the Colosseum was clad in marble.

To evoke the Colosseum and the essence of being in Rome, we’ve compiled a collection of furniture and décor that include elements of classic designs, features and materials.

Click on this collection preview to see all of our Colosseum-inspired furnishings.



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