The Great Outdoors

July 12, 2016

By: Jeremiah Brent


Is there anything better than sitting outside with an ice cold drink while you relax and enjoy the great outdoors? Having grown up in California, it’s probably no surprise that I am constantly inspired by nature. The texture of nature — from trees and flowers to branches and stones — weaves a harmonious blend and becomes the perfect backdrop to anything. Think about it…nature complements absolutely everything!

Some of my new favorite spaces to design are intimate spaces outdoors. Whether it’s a small deck, a large courtyard, or cozy covered patio, outdoor spaces are full of potential and inspiration for me. Living Spaces provides an incredible resource for curating your outdoor rooms thanks to their numerous and varied outdoor furniture collections. The range of aesthetics available at Living Spaces affords you the opportunity to really make your outdoor space feel assembled, no matter what style you connect with most.

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If you are buying a furniture set, always remember to pick one or two pieces that contrast but complement the set. Even though you are building this outdoor room, there’s strength in making it feel ASSEMBLED rather than “matched”. Using accent pieces that enhance and diversify your furniture set (such as a pair of outdoor upholstered chairs alongside a wicker sofa and table set) will make your space feel effortlessly elevated.

Contrary to my interiors, when it comes to creating a space outside, I always try to keep furniture arrangements SYMMETRICAL. Place two great sofas opposite each other, flanked by two arm chairs, with a great coffee table in the center, for instance. By subscribing to simpler floor plans, you can experiment with different furniture pieces much more easily.

While many people traditionally love to add PERSONALITY through different throw pillows, when it comes to outdoor seating, I like to use great throw blankets, as well. Simply drape a great blanket with an amazing pattern over the back of the sofa for instant and unexpected sophistication. Or even roll up a few great blankets and place them in a basket to have them close for guests. These touches aren’t usually used outdoors, and will be an eye-catching surprise.

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The glory of designing an outdoor space is that it really doesn’t take much. Your surroundings — whether it’s a yard, a beautiful ivy-draped fence, or an open expanse of wild hillside — will be the best decorative object that you have. When it comes to putting together your outside living area, keep it simple, don’t overthink your furniture or accessories, and allow the beauty of nature to really take center stage.

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