Prettier Ways to Protect the Little People in the Room

April 19, 2016

By: Tyler Wisler

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I know and understand the dilemma people face when a little person enters their lives. All of a sudden that gorgeous cocktail table with the Calacatta Gold marble top doesn’t seem so beautiful, but more like something that could leave a nice size dent on your child’s head.

Or those stairs you never thought twice about now look like they’ve quadrupled in size and steepness as your precious peers down to see what’s there.

Well, there are manufacturers that have thought about not only the safety issues, but the aesthetic ones as well…thank God. So I’ve found and have personally used two products, which I can recommend as valid, beneficial items that also ensure your home looks presentable to those who come over and haven’t experienced the joy of changing a dirty diaper.

So, everyone’s got corners…I get it. I am actually not one to pad every last corner and edge there is because it’s just not worth it. Visually or practicality-wise, it doesn’t jibe with my thinking. I did, though, have a pair of nesting tables made similar in shape to the ones shown, but with bleached rift-oak bases and white Corian tops. Those tops, when fabricated to continue that wonderful trapizoidal angle, were sharp. So I found these rubber bumpers which were so much more attractive than those ugly foam things out there.

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What’s great about these KidCo Soft Corner Protectors is that it appears that someone actually designed them.

They are a firmer rubber edge, but still soft enough to prevent serious damage from those nasty corners that are notorious for jumping out at kids.

Another thing that always kills me is the dreaded baby gate. Yuck. I know it’s a total necessity, but sometimes you don’t want to see it. You can’t just make the gate disappear? Or can you? You can if your gate is retractable.

This gate is great to hide away when it’s not necessary to keep kids out of a space. The Retract-A-Gate saved the look of my home when I had to use it at the top of both of my stairways.

This really worked out well, especially since I didn’t have that much room to swing a traditional gate in either direction given the configuration of the rooms. But really, who wants to see that anyway?

So, next time you are thinking about wrapping your coffee table in a layer of cheap foam latex remember this: You can protect and love your children without having to sacrifice beauty for baby. You just need to work with their special décor requirements.

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