Pantone’s Color of the Year 2016: Serenity Blue

March 15, 2016

By: Laurie March

If you look at any survey or poll of favorite colors, there is one that tops the list every time: Blue. Blue is, by far, the most admired hue among them all.

But since its dominance is well established, let’s move on to the next big question:  Which shade of blue is the best?

Karyn R Millet_RM_5300R

This year, Pantone named Serenity Blue 2016’s Color of the Year (along with Rose Quartz).

Serenity is, as described, a very calming color. Almost a periwinkle blue, this tone inspires deep breaths, cozy thoughts and – when it’s used on a long sofa with clean lines – serenity blue inspires decadent napping.

Karyn R Millet_RM_2392R

Incorporating calming colors into home design can be a bit challenging.

It’s tempting to add a bright, contrasting accent color in order to create visual interest, but that can offset the feeling of tranquility within a space.

Leaving things completely monotone, however, can feel very sterile and dull.

The solution is to accent your favorite color with different shades of itself.

Serenity blue can be beautifully complemented by deep teal, turquoise and aqua shades that add depth to a space…quietly.

Karyn R Millet_RM_2360RAnother way to diversify a space is to add a variety of textures as opposed to colors.

Mixing plush velvets, woven fabrics and soft neutral pieces in the same tones will give a room some complexity and vigor – without distracting from the desired palette.

Lastly, natural blue tones love natural wood tones.

Like a tree-lined lake or driftwood in the ocean, the duo has a relaxing, reassuring effect. Pale blues paired with black accents can feel more sleek and modern.

Combining shades like serenity blue with wood tones, however, will warm up a space, creating a welcoming, comfortable vibe.

Karyn R Millet_RM_2404RSo if you really love blue – or any color for that matter – feel free to give it a room to itself.

Finding variations in its tones and textures will set you on your way to creating a gorgeous, cohesive and inspiring place to recharge and rest.


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