Laurie March Explains There’s More to Your Living Space

February 27, 2017

After all the dust settles on a remodel or a move, working with furniture, color, art and accessories to make a space come to life thrills me. I love to pair pieces together, noting how they complement each other, and how they begin to create a look and feel – an energy together.

This year marks the second year I’ve spent partnering with Living Spaces and the creative teams within the walls and out in the wild.

What a treat to work with so many passionate, creative people! From brainstorming, to scouting, to hashing out what furniture goes where – down to the spoons, napkins, and the quiet meal styled on a table.

All these elements come together to make individual pieces feel like something more. A petite, modern chair and a dining table that you could see yourself eating breakfast at . . . a nightstand you could drop your water glass on. A sectional where you want to kick off your shoes and curl up.

We tell stories with vignettes of furniture, so that people can picture themselves living in the spaces we style. For lots of people, it can be hard to understand how something might look or feel in your own space.

Little details we drop into a room before the camera clicks are often our clues – style ‘breadcrumbs’ if you will – that guide our viewers down the path toward some of our favorite characteristics in the furniture. The shape of the velvety arm on a tufted chair, the mix of patterns on a pile of pillows, the rich texture and color of a rug as it coordinates with a special piece of art.

I’ve always been intrigued with the way the objects in our spaces can affect us. From the scuffed leather chair inherited from a grandfather, to artwork passed down or found at a flea market, the first furniture pieces one saved up to purchase, to special mementos from the most meaningful vacations – the things we surround ourselves with help tell our story.

This year, I’m thrilled to dive into the lives of some really fascinating talents from across the country, spending time in their homes and exploring the connection they feel between their space and their life’s work. The Behind the Design series gives Jeremiah and I a chance to peep into the heart and minds of some incredibly stylish, quirky, gifted people – and to hear what inspires them.

The process of designing something can be so personal, and it can unfold in so many different and wonderful design ‘languages’. From a sumptuous farm-to-table meal, prepared by hand, to a soulful melody – a gorgeous ballad that takes up residence in your heart. To a piece of art – painted in a riot of color, driven by a world of inspiration. There are so many ways life inspires artwork, inspires our environment, inspires our selves.

A creatively curated space is like a love letter to the people who live there, complete with all long-lasting memories and energy contained within. I hope you’ll follow along as we explore the fascinating intersection between inspiration and home, sharing all the behind the scenes moments here – with you!

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