Incorporating Nature in Your Design

November 2, 2016

By: Peyton Lambton

Everyone knows how much I love coastal design, and one of the main reasons is that it gives me an excuse to bring nature into my home. As I take walks along the beach or through the woods, I always find something that inspires me to change up my interior. Natural elements are also calming and add a sense of peacefulness.

Start by choosing materials that appeal to your personal style. I happen to love the rugged look of rocks on the beach and raw wood in the forest, so we incorporated those elements in the design of our fireplace and on our bedroom ceiling.

Peyton 1

You can also create a feature wall using natural elements. Try stone, brick or wood planks to help bring a wall to life. Not only will this transform the look of your room, it’s something you can do yourself that requires relatively little planning.

Decorating with wood furniture is another option. This is especially helpful when your roommate or partner has a different style than you do, as natural pieces can really help tie a room together and blend your styles seamlessly.

Peyton 2 (2)

With fall in full swing, weaving leaves, branches, pine cones and acorns into the design of your mantle or on shelves and tabletops is especially fitting and festive. These materials are also easy to find outside. Just grab some glass vases to ensure they’re the focus and surround them with pumpkins or candles for enhanced autumn romance.

Indoor plants literally bring the outside in and are perfect for brightening and enlivening any area. They also improve indoor air quality and are pretty easy to care for, even if you think you have a black thumb. Succulents are drought-tolerant and only need to be watered once a month. You can start with those, then work your way up to a fiddle leaf fig once you feel more comfortable.

Peyton 3 (2)

As we prepare for winter and more time inside, now is the perfect time to bring nature home and enjoy it all year long!

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