How to Gear Up for an Industrial Interior

March 31, 2015


The Industrial Revolution may have taken place during the 18th and 19th centuries, but its influence on aesthetics endures in art, architecture, furniture and décor. Described as a method of design that emphasizes sharp lines, abrupt connections and dynamic interactions of motion, Industrial Style possesses an unpretentious, stripped-back magnetism and maintains the principle that form follows function.

Like the aesthetic itself, its key components are simple. In addition to objects that convey movement, designs made of metal or crafted with mixed materials embody Industrial Style’s raw charm.

Movement – Whether set on wheels or constructed with a pulley, opt for action-packed pieces.

Industrial Style - In Motion

Shop Designs in Motion:

1. Clock – Nickel Gear: $39

2. Floor Lamp – Rider Pulley: $275

3. Ryland Bookcase: $895

4. Mountainier Cocktail Table: $395

5. Cooper Server: $795

6. Picture – Eagle II: $275

7. Metal/Wood Bicycle: $35

Metal – Items of iron, aluminum, silver and steel offer equal parts strength and utilitarian appeal.

Industrial Style - Metal

Shop Heavy Metal Designs: 

1. Picture – Brooklyn Bridge II: $375

2. Alexander Metal Stool: $79

3. Fritz Side Chair: $80

4. Metal Candleholder: $19

5. Mirror – Silver Links 35″ Round: $79

6. Marx Crank Table: $595

7. Cooper 18″ Metal Stool: $50

8. Metal Table Decoration: $42

9. Cooper Metal Side Chair: $75

Mixed MaterialsCombining metal and leather or metal and wood results in a sophisticated, salvaged look.

Industrial Style - Mixed Materials

 Shop Mixed Material Designs: 

1. Carver Round End Table: $395

2. Pendant – Finn: $250

3. Harper Cocktail Table: $695

4. Jason Coffee Arm Chair: $295

5. Costello Dining Table: $1,795

6. 2-Piece Set – Wood & Glass Boxes: $32

7. Jaxon Sideboard – $595

8. Iron Wood Accent Table – $150

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