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August 29, 2017

When I was a little girl, my mom decorated my bedroom and made it into my beautiful, personal space with a cute comforter for my bed, matching curtains and pretty pillows.

It really made me feel special.

I used to rearrange my stuffed animals on my bed every day (now I rearrange my throw pillows), and I would organize my dresser before I went outside to play.

My mom also worked on DIY projects, which I believe helped inspire my creativity and taught me to take pride in my home.

After working in the dental industry for over 15 years and having our fourth son, my husband and I decided I should retire (that’s a little joke my husband likes to tell).

As I spent more time at home, I had the opportunity to do what I love! So I started making our home more functional, organized, and I slowly started to decorate. Then, three years ago, my mom passed away. After a year of grieving, I really needed to start healing, and I figured the best way to honor her is to do what makes me happy.

I started to follow my passion for interior styling and home decorating. Little did I know, my heart began to heal and my passion grew stronger. I began to help my family and friends decorate their homes, and I got the courage to start my home decor Instagram account @lovefabdecor.

I had been following a couple of home decor accounts on Instagram, which provided so much design inspiration for me. I thought maybe I could inspire someone also.

I started sharing little bits of my home and started connecting with others who shared the same love for interior design and home decor. The love and support that I received was incredible, along with the all friends I’ve made.

People genuinely love my interior styling, but one thing everyone seems to enjoy is when I share my cute coffee mugs!

Morning coffee has always been a special time for my husband and I, so it is definitely one of my favorite things to share with everyone, and my “his and hers” mugs happen to be my favorite.

My collection of unique coffee mugs has really grown! And let me tell you, I have TOO many to count, but I think it is kind of fun using a different mug each day depending on my mood.

I was so surprised by how many people really love my design aesthetic. Having a monochromatic home is not for everyone, but with a husband, four sons, two male dogs, and a fish that is probably a boy (considering my track record), I felt the need to keep the color palette fairly masculine.

I do add feminine touches throughout my home, with pops of pink, beautiful flowers and soft textures just for me. I feel it is well-balanced for all of us. It’s very important to style your home to reflect everyone who lives there.

Combining bold patterns and cool metals, for a masculine effect, with soft, feminine textiles and sparkly bling has turned into, what I call, my modern glam personal style.

Decorating my home has been truly therapeutic for me. Creating a beautiful, functional living space for my family and inspiring others to make their homes beautiful has really helped heal my heart. Losing my mom was really difficult, but it taught me to follow my passion, and that has brought me happiness again.

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