For The Love of Leather?!

July 28, 2016

By: Tyler Wisler

Tyler 1

Okay, we all know that leather is simply amazing and a wonderful material to use on furniture. It cleans up easy, gets better with age, always looks chic and is pretty much timeless…BUT, you can run the risk of overdoing it.

To figure out how much leather is acceptable in a room, a good rule of thumb is not to exceed the amount that would cover a sofa.

So if you’re thinking about a leather sofa, great! That’s all you really need.

Choose fabric pieces for the rest of your seating. You could mix it up with a velvety loveseat and a linen accent chair, and you would be golden!

Or, maybe you love the idea of having a super plush sofa. If that’s the case, you can flank it with a pair of lovely leather arm chairs. Those two chairs will probably be the equivalent of a leather sofa…get where I’m going? You can have various leather pieces, but just make sure to keep it under control.

Here’s a little cheat sheet you can refer to if you’re still in doubt of the perfect leather amount:

1 Leather Sofa

Tyler 2

1 Leather Loveseat + 1 Leather Accent (i.e. an ottoman, bench or pouf)

Tyler 3

Leather Chair + 1 Leather Chair

Tyler 4

1 Leather Chair + 1 Leather Ottoman + 1 Small Leather Accent

Tyler 5

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