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August 8, 2016

By: Peyton Lambton

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I have to admit, I am such a neutral gal when it comes to putting a room together. Recently, I’ve been exploring the idea of adding prints to the mix, because I really need to spice things up. With so many options out there, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned!

My home is filled with solid, neutral furniture, which is great because I can add prints in various sizes and colors for a fun look. I started small with throw pillows, since they can be moved and rearranged based on my mood, which changes weekly it seems!

I began by grabbing some swatches of various prints, so I could see what stood out. Think of this as a trial run, just as you do with paint before painting an entire wall or room. You have to test it out before you commit, as it can get a bit pricey if you purchase something and then change your mind as soon as it arrives.

If you start with something small, like throw pillows, then you can move on to sheets and rugs in a bedroom. This way it allows you to experiment in a smaller room before moving on to your living room, which will be seen by more guests.

Look at prints that you use in fashion. There are probably some that you gravitate towards, and you can use these in your decor, as well. I love to wear bohemian styles, so I knew that ikat was a good place to start.

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If you tend to like more geometric shapes, try out stripes, chevron, diamonds, plaids or any other pattern with clean, straight lines.

For a whimsical vibe, you can play with florals and polka dots. Just experiment, and you will find a look that vibes with your personality.

Once you have decided on a few prints that you like, try playing with the size and scale of each. You can layer various sizes together to really make it interesting. Try to stay in the same color scheme to keep it from getting too overwhelming. The variation of size will be enough to keep the look interesting without getting too busy. If you have prints that call for mixing colors, grab a color wheel to ensure you are using complementary colors.

If you’re comfortable enough with prints to take them up a notch, try mixing some traditional patterns with modern ones. A dining table setting is a fun place to try this out. Vintage and traditional china patterns can pair really well with contemporary pieces for a modern look. This way your grandmother’s china gets a fresh vibe and it creates some talking points at dinner. If you have a rug under the table, keep your linens in the same color family to give it a cohesive look.

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Mixing various patterns can seem intimidating, but there are some that just naturally go together. Floral and botanical prints pair very nicely with geometric motifs. The fluid lines of the botanicals can really soften the harsh lines of a geometric pattern. I would recommend staying in the same color scheme when combining these, too.

For a kid’s room, mixing stripes and polka dots looks fresh and stylish. You can also go a little wild with mixing colors in these prints to add a bit of excitement and energy.

There are so many ways to add prints in a tasteful, striking way. Start small and just work out from there. Your home will have an entirely new look in no time!

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