Falling Into Fall

September 8, 2016

By: Jeremiah Brent

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It’s that time of the year again — leaves are changing and falling, the temperature is dropping, and it’s almost time to bring out those cozy fall clothes. The change in seasons is always a great way to continually curate your home and bring a fresh, new vibe to your living space.

Everyone shifts and swaps out their wardrobes in anticipation of an upcoming seasonal change, and the same technique can be applied to the home. After all, there’s something about the cooler seasons that just inspires you to switch from a light throw blanket to something chunky and thick, and to move from brighter, sunnier colors to deeper, more comforting tones.

Here are some of the ways I like to shift my decor as the transition from summer to fall hits.

Seasonal Art: Almost everyone I know has experienced it — you always wind up with more pieces of art than you have blank wall space. Forgotten pieces wind up in closets or under beds. Think of the change  in seasons as a great reason to change the art in your home — which will shift the mood of your space as well.

Maybe you’ve got amazing photography of beaches and palm trees up now. Consider swapping those out for a forgotten charcoal drawing or black and white photo that you’d long since put away. Not only will the swap in art make your space look brand new, but it’ll really put you in a different mindset for fall.

Textural Shifts: As I mentioned before, there’s nothing that I love better than pulling out a cozy knit sweater as the cooler weather hits. The same goes for my thick, chunky blankets that I might store away for the spring and summer.

Accent textiles in varying textures, like pillows, throw blankets, even ottomans and poufs, can be stored and brought out depending on the season. They’re low-budget items that won’t break the bank, but they’ll have a high impact in changing the feeling of your home.

Autumnal Accents: I tend to stay pretty neutral when decorating my own home, but I’ve always believed that pops of accent color can go a long way towards setting a mood in a room. With a neutral base, you can change the accent colors of your home from trend to trend, and from season to season.

I love the earthy accents of fall — deep emerald greens, lush oranges and reds, and natural browns. Bringing those colors into your home through subtle touches — decor and small furniture — can be a great way to transition into autumn without spending a fortune or appearing over-the-top.

Just remember that as the weather grows cooler, your home should grow warmer. So break out the chunky blankets, light a fire in your fireplace and embrace the fall.

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