Do you vote for Presidential Blue?

April 22, 2016

By: Laurie March

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Image via Star Bunny Studio

With elections coming, candidates in the news and House of Cards burning up my TV screen at night, I’ve been thinking more and more about what it’d be like to live in the White House.  Imagine the history all around you!  And yet, every President and First Lady have made it their home, regardless of the pedigree of the furniture, walls and halls.

One thing I find charming about how the White House is designed, is that several of the rooms are styled by color. Staying in one hue is a simple way to have a coordinated scheme – and has yielded some very elegant spaces. The Blue Room is one of the most distinguished and popular rooms in the White House. It was the venue for the only wedding of a sitting President in the White House when Grover Cleveland married Frances Folsom – and it was said to be President Kennedy’s very favorite room.

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Image via The Atlantic

While the décor of that Blue Room must remain within the confines of its early 19th century roots for historical reasons, it’s fun to explore monochromatic room design with an infinite selection of blue hues in the creation of your own Blue Room.

In this shot from our catalog, the modern look of a distressed cement wall juxtaposed against a classic crystal chandelier provides an example of complementary contrast between time periods. White House, take note!

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Introducing large patterns, like this bold geometric rug, into a more classic space creates a unique sense of eclectic style that gives a home plenty of room to honor the past, while forging a path into a more modern look for today. Offsetting a larger pattern with smaller geometric patterns and shapes in artwork, pillows and vases ties the look together.

Blue is a compelling color in any shade, so why not mix it up? With classic accent colors like gold and white, the sky is the limit for the varying shades of blue that you can combine.  A few solid blue pillows can balance out the pattern play, and bring coziness to a crisp linen sofa or dazzling accent chair.

In interiors, the color blue often reminds us of the sky or the ocean. Even if you are landlocked, whimsical nautical items such as seashells and starfish pair beautifully with the darkest and lightest tones of blue.

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The White House is always covered with fresh flowers – they bring a glamorous, finished feeling to any room. But they really take it up a notch if they’re complementary to your color scheme. Not only do flowers make a room smell wonderful, but arrangements will also pair beautifully with other natural elements like wood or seashells.

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A tufted navy leather ottoman is a provocative choice to replace a conventional coffee table . A distinctive glass tray can do double duty as a flat surface to set your glass of wine on, as well as spotlight your favorite accessories or books.

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Your blue-hued room may not have the pedigree of being in the White House, but there is no reason it can’t be just as polished and pretty! I can’t imagine design changes happen simply at the White House, so when it comes to the joy of changing up a living room with some new pillows – my bet’s on you!

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