DIY Autumn Artistry

September 15, 2016

By: Jeremiah Brent


A great way to update your home for autumn is by undertaking some simple DIY decor projects that incorporate seasonal materials and textures. I’m always amazed by the number of incredible accent pieces that you can create with simple tools, basic materials, and a few hours on the weekend. In honor of the change in weather, and the forthcoming fall, I’m including some ideas below to spark your creativity.

Branch Bundles: As the trees drop their leaves and start to show their bare branches, it can sometimes become difficult to find good quality florals for your home. I love having nature on display throughout my house, and there’s rarely a time when I don’t have flowers in vases throughout.

However, if blooms are in short supply as the days grow chillier, you can take a hint from nature and use branches instead. Many flower marts and city flower districts will sell a variety of branches, or you can cut a few from your yard if your trees are due for a trimming. Use twine, rope, or a neutral ribbon to bundle these together, or just display them loosely in a glass vase. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this new natural element can get you ready for cozy nights in front of the fire.

Sweater Pillows: We all have old chunky sweaters that have seen better days. Maybe it’s a bad pull in the back or a rip under the arm. Whatever the issue may be, think twice about throwing out your old-standby sweaters, and instead consider turning them into equally comfortable throw pillows.

Even if the sweaters are a bit worn or see-through between the knit, a piece of matching muslin or linen can provide an inexpensive lining for your new pillow cover. Pick up some pillow inserts, and you’ll be able to give your favorite old sweater a second life as new fall-inspired decor for your home.

Functional Fall Displays: I love coming up with interesting, unexpected ways to display things like photos, jewelry and memorabilia. For this simple project, you can use any picture frame you happen to have lying around, as well as cork or tack board — which can be found in easy-to-cut sheets online or at most craft stores.

I also love neutral, natural fibers when decorating — they go with everything and don’t steal the show. Burlap is perfect for this, as it’s not only an inexpensive material, it’s a common autumnal textile.

So first, you’ll want to wrap the cork sheet in burlap and use hot glue to affix it. Next, pop the glass out of your picture frame. Lastly, slip in the burlap-wrapped cork sheet, and voila!

Now, you have a piece that’s not only functional, but reminiscent of fall while remaining neutral for future seasons. You can hang it on a wall in your home office and pin up calendars and to-do lists, or you can tack on evenly spaced nails and hang pieces of jewelry from those. The possibilities are endless!

DIY projects are a great way to incorporate more trendy, timely or seasonal ideas into your decor without having to redesign your home in full. A small themed piece can go a long way, so my biggest suggestion is to keep it subtle and neutral. You can instill the feeling of fall simply, easily and — as always — in an elegant and sophisticated way.


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