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February 29, 2016

By: Laurie March

Karyn R Millet_RM_5010R

Since childhood, I’ve always been a big fan of collecting bits of ephemera and curiosities – and I now have the eclectic design sense to prove it.

When you’re a lover of flea markets and found items, however, the challenge becomes creating a space that doesn’t look like a flea market itself!

That being said, translating diverse accessories into cohesive style can be super rewarding for a collector.

A white room, like this one, can be intimidating – but you should think of it as a fresh, blank canvas!

A white space doesn’t have to feel sterile or cold. One of my favorite style tricks – perfectly represented here – is repeating textures throughout a room. The weathered wood tones in this space, for example, are a great way to warm things up while tying a style together.

Natural elements function as a neutral foundation for this space, bringing the outdoors inside. When these wood textures are paired with a chic jute rug and deep khaki furniture, a distinct and unified color story begins to tell itself.

Dynamic black accents create movement and keep the eye traveling throughout the space. To recreate this vibe, look for artwork, fabrics, furniture and upholstery with similar, not necessarily identical, patterns.

One place we often forget to add character – it’s above eye level! In a room with ceilings this high, it’s great to look for large-scale mirrors and art pieces to break up the negative space above.

Karyn R Millet_RM_5063R

The number one rule of eclectic design? Your occasional tables don’t have to match! I love to partner pieces that share either the same texture or shape. This creates the sort of diverse setting that will complement smaller, more unique décor elements.

It’s also convenient when two bed partners have different end table preferences. If you have a reader on one side and a minimalist water drinker on the other, mismatched end tables can cater to each person’s specific needs.

Once a comforting color story and dynamic design elements have laid a foundation in the room, you’re free to sprinkle in the more unique and beloved curiosities.

Accent your room with cool plants for some greenery, travel trophies and your favorite reading materials.

Karyn R Millet_RM_5047R

To “curate” means to collect, select and present certain objects and pieces of art. Selecting is a very important step – the difference between interesting objects and unorganized clutter is your ability to pick and choose which items you’ll be including in your design.

I like to think about how each piece relates to the story I want the room to tell. If an item doesn’t contribute to your narrative – save it for another space.

So there you have it: quirky, eclectic design at your fingertips. And my last piece of advice for anyone looking to embrace a curated look at home is to experiment.

Open your mind to a day, a weekend or a month of furniture placement, where it’s all about trying things out and remaining flexible on where items end up. My favorite aspect about eclectic design is that it’s fluid, so feel free to open your mind and then to decorate all of that extra space!

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