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March 31, 2016

By: Jeremiah Brent

Jeremiah 2One of my favorite spaces in our home is our closet. Or, as I lovingly refer to it as, “my investment portfolio.” Think about it: You start and end your day there.

Ironically, most people never consider the opportunity of having a closet that is both highly functional and highly beautiful.

While not everyone out there is dealing with a massive closet, there are a multitude of ways to improve the way you display and organize your clothing in a closet of any size.

Patterned Rugs: Big, small, long, and short: there are all sorts of closets out there. If you have the floor space, invest in a durable rug with a great print that will add some personality to your closet’s four walls.

Continuity Is King: It’s never the wrong time to bring some continuity into your closet, and the best way to do that is with matching good-quality hangers. Ditch those old wire hangers from your dry cleaners and purchase ones that match. It’s a low cost and super effective way to transform your closet from collegiate to professional.

Image via My Domaine

Think INSIDE The Box (just this one time): In the spirit of decanting everything and finding a way to use storage differently, I love to incorporate chic boxes and beautiful bowls into my closet. It’s a great place for loose change and other less attractive items.

Hang Art, Not Hats: A lot of people never think to hang a small piece of art or a framed photo in their closets. I love creating a small vignette of personal pieces in any closet. It’s an opportunity to exhibit a few beautiful frames filled with images of family or loved ones, or even to display some of your more prized possessions, art or otherwise.

Photo via @chrisarias_

Let The Light In: Whether it’s a vintage chandelier or a task lamp, lighting is key in any room. Sometimes something as simple as a wall lamp mounted above your top shelf can add function and personality. No electrical box for a sconce? There are gorgeous plug-in wall sconces available, and you can hide the cords behind your dresser or shelving.

You spend so much time curating and putting together your wardrobe; consider putting in the same thought and consideration to designing and accessorizing your closet space. A beautiful closet will heighten and accent the pieces within — and you’ll love ever moment spent there at the start of your day, and at the day’s end.

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