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May 13, 2016

By: Tyler Wisler

Photo via @j.bnfcio

So many colors, so many materials, so many options for awesome furniture designs…

Well, what if we took all the guesswork and chroma out of the equation, and the form of the object had to speak on its own. And by speak on its own, I mean in a whisper.

The beauty of acrylic, plexi, glass or crystal furnishings is that they can literally go in any environment because they clash with nothing. These materials are also a great way to fool the eye and give the illusion of more space, because your sight line is never broken.

Below is my compilation of some of the most practical and interesting transparent designs out there.

Tyler 1

For a classic look, I would go with the Stacey Arm Chair. It can flank any style dining table or pull up to any desk with ease.

Tyler 2

The Sidney cocktail table provides surface space, but it doesn’t hide anything. What’s wonderful about a table like this is that it doesn’t cover up a beautiful rug.

Tyler 3

I love the idea of this clear vessel lamp, especially because the top comes off, which means you get to fill it! Whether you use sand dollars and starfish for beach house style, Legos or army men for a kids room, or even glass ornaments during the holidays, the possibilities are endless. It also looks super chic when it’s empty.

Image via

Image via

And finally, my very own creation from my time on Design Star. Okay, maybe not the most useful, but if you’re ever thirsty…☺

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