Art Deco Decorating Made Easy

March 3, 2015

art decoIf you’re transfixed by the glitz of the roaring 20s, enamored with the glamour of Great Gatsby and in awe of embellished, geometric architecture, that’s how you know you’re a fan of Art Deco. The design movement surged in popularity between 1925 and 1940 as industrialization was sweeping all nations, and it’s left an everlasting impression on art, fashion and furniture.

There are many ways you can use Art Deco elements in your interior, but we’ve broken it down to 3 essential keys that make mastering this style easier than ever.

COLOR: Black and White

Common Art Deco color schemes are characterized by high contrasts, and it doesn’t get more striking or simple than this classic combo.

Cole Chair

Our Cole chair flaunts the pair through its distinctive piping and a reversible chevron pillow that emboldens their juxtaposition.

Picture Union Station

A black and white print of Union Station in L.A. not only showcases this signature palette, it also highlights the landmark’s Art Deco design.

SHINE: Mirrors, Metallics & Glass

Because technology and luxury reigned supreme during this era, sleek, gleaming materials became icons of Art Deco.

Audrey Chest

Finely crafted with antiqued mirror panels and silver-finished wood, our Audrey accent chest’s elaborate design echoes Art Deco architecture.

Wells Lamp

Panels of glass positively sparkle as they reflect the glow of this glam lamp, which epitomizes the opulence of Art Deco.

LINE: Geometric Motifs

From rectangles and polygons to spheres and chevrons, Art Deco is all about geometry and symmetry. Although these forms feel modern, they were originally inspired by ancient cultures.

Torrin Table

Our Torrin end table’s interlaced metal base is modeled after vintage starburst motifs, which are often seen in Art Deco furnishings.

Geo Rug

While a mesmerizing display takes shape on this rug, the black and white palette allows it to truly suit Art Deco spaces.

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