7 Style Tips from our Seven Wonders of the World Trip

March 12, 2015

WorldOver the past two months we’ve taken you on a Wonders of the World tour to explore and learn more about some of the most breathtaking monuments across the globe. It may have been a virtual journey, but it was an inspiring one.

As we covered celebrated structures in India, China, Turkey, Italy, France, Greece and Egypt, we curated collections of furniture and home accents that capture each destination’s essence.

Before we pack up our passports, we’re marking the end of this adventure with a few guidelines you can keep in mind when bringing these wonders into your design.

Taj Mahal

Take us to the Taj Mahal

Widely regarded as an architectural masterpiece, this marble mausoleum’s majesty can be summoned with objects that feature curves, carvings, tracery, geometric and plant motifs and jewel tones.

Great Wall of China

Off to the Great Wall of China

Objects in traditional Chinese colors like opulent reds and golds will evoke the rich, vibrant culture and subtly pay homage to one of the world’s most impressive engineering feats.

Hagia Sophia

Want to be at the Hagia Sophia

Believed to have changed the history of architecture, this Byzantine beauty can be conjured by adding items with lavish embellishments, from arches, columns, mosaics and marble, to abstract and geometric patterns.


Keeping up with The Colosseum

Like most works of Ancient Roman architecture, this elliptical amphitheater is characterized by its grand arches and columns, which are adorned with moldings, motifs and reliefs. The key to channeling its grandiosity is using elements that honor classic designs, features and materials.

Eiffel Tower

Meet us in Paris: Eiffel Tower Designs

Draw upon this French icon by incorporating sleek industrial pieces that go heavy on the metal and stick to a black and white palette.


Greece is the Word: Mediterranean Living Room

Considered the finest example of Greek architecture, this glorious sight will get you in a Mediterranean state-of-mind. Create your version of the Grecian dream with natural, rustic textures, Greek key and chevron patterns and a blue and white color scheme.

Great Pyramid of Giza

Design Like an Egyptian: Great Pyramid of Giza

The oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, this monument represents one of the first classical civilizations. Egyptian kings and queens favored elaborate furnishings that were often heavily carved and ornamented.

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