4 Tips From Our February Catalog

January 29, 2016

February Catalog CoverOur February catalog has hit and a wealth of new items + ideas along with it. Now that we’ve settled into the rhythm of a new year and managed to make good on at least a few resolutions, our focus is on improving what’s around us. More specifically, attending to the things we’ve been meaning to change in our living space.

Whether those dream upgrades live in our heads or are neatly printed and prominently posted, we can’t ignore them. And after flipping through the February catalog and checking out the four tips below, there may be more additions to that wish list. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Mix Patterns

TIP 1 | Master Mixing Patterns
It’s one of those designer touches that may seem too complicated for the average Jane (or Joe) to attempt, but in reality it’s really not. The cardinal rules are as follows: Use patterns that are in the same color family – which in this space includes neutrals – and balance the scales by alternating large motifs (the striped and Greek fret-inspired pillows) and small prints (the geometric rug).

Cohesive Themes

TIP 2 | Make Connections
A room won’t feel right unless there’s a sense of cohesion, and the way to create that is by making connections. Here, not only are the bed, dresser, chest + nightstand bonded by their mid-century details, all of the art is related through pier imagery. Even shades of purple play together nicely on blankets and pillows.


TIP 3 | If You’re into It, Commit to It
When you love a particular design and it happens to come in a set, don’t be afraid to opt for all of the pieces. In this age of eclecticism, people have a tendency to not want their décor too matchy-matchy, but this room – which features our Lexie cocktail table and end tables – proves that it’s possible to achieve the best of both aesthetics.

Dining Display

TIP 4 | Say Yes to Openness
Open shelving is all the rage in the kitchen, and you can cook up quite the display in the dining room, too. Swap out sideboards and servers for a stunner that shows off serveware, like our Ryland bookcase. An open shelving unit also has the added benefit of giving you that extra incentive to organize your tchotchkes.

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