1 Sofa, 3 Ways!

August 29, 2016

By: Tyler Wisler

Tyler 1

People often ask me, “How do you know which pillows to choose?” Or they say, “I would’ve never thought to put those things together, but they totally work !”  Well, I have to admit, this ability is a gift… hehe, just kidding! It’s actually fairly simple when you break it down and commit to a look you want to achieve with your sofa styling.

Because it’s super sleek and can  be transformed to fit any aesthetic, we’re going to use the mid-century inspired Tate sofa as our styling test subject.

Opt for colors and, in some cases, patterns that are in direct contrast to the sofa.

My designer secret is to go with a solid color sofa. When you start with a patterned sofa, you’ll be attempting a more advanced level of design that can be very challenging to make work.

The Tate sofa is upholstered in a deep sapphire blue fabric that has subtle texture, so I decided a nice contrast would be a bold pop of pink mixed with patterns. These details literally jump off of the design, and they’ll immediately bring a smile to your face and to the sofa.

Tyler 2

For a subtler approach to styling, you can embrace the color of the sofa and focus on creating more dimension by using monochromatic pillows with mixed prints and textures.

Keeping with the base color of the sofa and just going a hint lighter, a touch brighter and adding a splash of pattern will give you a simple, sophisticated look in a snap.

Tyler 3

The last option is really a free-for-all. Have at it! Embrace the randomness of life, throw caution to the wind, and pile everything you’ve got on the sofa…seriously. Sometimes, it’s just about excess (just as long as it doesn’t feel like chaos to you).

If you are a true bohemian free spirit, keep in mind that there are a few keys to pulling off a full mix-and-match look:

  • If you’re going for lots of color, make sure all of the hues are relatively the same brightness and saturation level.
  • If you’re a lover of pattern…excellent! Just make sure the patterns have a common theme. For instance, when you’re using modern graphic patterns or color blocked styles, don’t throw in a formal damask or floral number. Remember to stick to one or the other.

At the end of the day, pillows and throws are just good fun, and it’s all about making your sofa as inviting as possible! It should pretty much scream, “SIT ON ME!”

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