Inside the New Home of Blogger Ali Fedotowsky – Before and After

November 5, 2015

When Blogger, Host and former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky recently moved into her new home with fiancée Kevin Manno, it was time for a style revamp. The two turned to Living Spaces for furniture and decor, and the result is nothing short of design perfection!

We interviewed Ali about her sense of style – and her adorable dog Owen. See what she had to say below, check out her photos, and don’t miss this great before and after video of their home!

Living Spaces: As far as we understand this is your first time as a homeowner. Such an exciting experience! What influenced your and Kevin’s decision to buy a piece of property? How did you go about selecting where you wanted to be?

Ali Fedotowsky: Yes, this is my and Kevin’s first house! Being a homeowner is the best! We love our house. It’s the perfect size for our little family (me, Kevin, and our dog Owen). A few months before we started looking, we decided that we wanted to start “settling down,” so when looking for an area to live in, we really just wanted a quiet neighborhood in suburbia and we found just that!


Ali Before


Ali After

_1050420 _1050429

_1050543 _1050515

LS: How would you define your style when it comes to designing your space? How has Kevin (and Owen!) contributed to a blending of masculine and feminine contributions to your home?

AF: We really wanted the space to feel light and airy. I LOVE the all-white look when decorating but knew that wasn’t a possibility for us because of Owen (he loves to track little paw prints all over the house) and because we want to start a family soon. If I’ve learned anything from new mothers it’s that moms don’t own anything white because it never stays white. Ha! So instead of all white we went with off white, light wood tones and light colors and we couldn’t be happier with the feel. Our house doesn’t get a ton of natural light so the light colors help brighten up the entire space. And Kevin was super trusting in me with designing the space. He was with me every step of the way and I definitely listened if he didn’t like a piece I liked, but for the most part we always agree on something in the end. Living Spaces is HUGE and there are so many styles to choose from that we could always find something that we both liked. The only rule – the items had to be light tones and neutral colors.

LS: What is your favorite way to blend old and new pieces?

AF: I guess my favorite way to incorporate old pieces into a house is just to make sure that I have newer pieces to balance them. For example, Kevin and I LOVE going to the flea market and buying old things. We go almost every Sunday. But we started to realize that our old pieces were starting to look messy next to other old pieces of furniture. So when we were looking for furniture, we were actually on the hunt for things that would complement our favorite flea market finds. The Elements pieces at Living Spaces are perfect for that! They have a vintage feel but are built so well that they look incredible next to my old pieces from the flea market.





_1050698 _1050634

_1050779 _1050657

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LS: How do your new Living Spaces pieces tie in to your one-of-a-kind home style? Which piece is your favorite?

AF: We discovered Living Spaces several months ago when we needed a new couch for our house. Our place was pretty much empty when we moved in since we wanted to buy “adult” furniture ha! So we got rid of our “kid” furniture and we knew the most important thing to buy first was a couch. So we went to Living Spaces not knowing what to expect and we are so pleased! The selection is so big and I think we tested out about 30 couches before making a decision. We really wanted one that was SUPER comfy but looked good too. In the past, I’ve found that you have to sacrifice looks for comfort, but that so wasn’t the case this time around. Our couch is the most comfortable thing EVER! Once we figured out what couch was the most comfortable to us, we got to pick out the exact fabric and the shape of the couch (we really wanted a chaise to snuggle up on). In the end we got the best couch for us and it fits in our space perfectly.

After we got the couch, we loved it so much that went back to get an outdoor dining table and chairs. And it was during this second trip that we realized Living Spaces really had everything we needed to complete our house. We even bought a second custom couch there! When you find something that works, you stick with it!

LS: Where in the house does Owen most like to hang out?

AF: Ha! Owen is probably most pleased with our decorating. He loves to sleep EVERYWHERE! His favorite spot might be the Primrose chair in the living room that faces the couch so he can keep a good eye on us. But he also loves to sleep on the rug. And sometimes I’ll find him in the Rutherford chair on the front living area. He seems to really like the big accent chairs 🙂


So what exactly did Ali get? Here’s the complete list:

Oversized Chair | Rug | Sectional | Mirror Tray | Picture | Accent Chair | Cocktail Ottoman | Elements Collection

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