Watch Behind the Design: Chef Michael Mina

June 28, 2017

An award-winning chef and restaurateur, Michael Mina’s approach to dining and entertaining isn’t solely about food. He believes where you eat is just as important as what you eat, and this guiding principle allows him to create dishes and experiences that are full of flavor.

On the latest episode of Behind the Design, Chef Michael Mina and Laurie March focus on what makes a meal memorable . . . and those components aren’t always on your plate. Thanks to a designer he worked with early on in his career, Michael has a profound appreciation for the way elements like architecture, lighting and color can change the way food looks and tastes.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Michael’s home in Northern California, this glimpse at life behind his restaurants and kitchens is a rare opportunity to see the extraordinary passion and consideration Michael pours into each edible work of art.

See behind-the-scenes photos from Chef Michael Mina’s Behind the Design episode >

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