Put Your Space in a Summer State of Mind

When winter comes around, we ring in the holidays by decking the halls, trimming the trees and generally filling our homes with the sounds, scents and spirit of the season. But how do we welcome that time of year which is truly the most wonderful of all? The season when school’s out and fun is in, when we shed our pantsuits for swimsuits, when we forgo sitting at a desk for sleeping under an umbrella?

Wall Art Living Spaces

Well, we’ve got a few easy, breezy ideas to help you celebrate the sunny days ahead, so you can create your very own oasis and put your space – and yourself – in a summer state of mind.

Soak up visions of sand and sea: Like the mini art gallery shown above, you can bring a beachy keen theme to your interior by decking your walls with aquatic imagery, from sparkling underwater shots to quirky portraits of the ocean’s mysterious and majestic creatures.

Unleash the aromas of paradise: Pineapples and coconuts are to summer what pine needles and cinnamon sticks are to winter – once you smell their refreshing fragrances wafting through the air, your seasonal senses begin to kick in. And to think, all it takes are a couple of scented candles, and you’re on your way to an instant vacay.

Collect coastal treasures: Bowls of seashells, nautical lamps, accessories awash in a blue and white color scheme – these are the essentials that transform any home into a charming beach bungalow, regardless of where you live.

Make a playlist of seasonal hits: For many of us, no summer day would be complete without the Beach Boys and Bob Marley singing on repeat. Whether you’re chillin’ on the patio or unwinding in the air conditioning, you can tune into your favorite summer songs and tune out the rest of the world.

Blur the lines between indoors and outdoors: By grounding your space with natural textures, like chunky jute and shaggy wool rugs, and layering colorful, lightweight throw blankets and pillows, you can convey a cozy al fresco vibe inside.

Featured wall art*:
Casper Cloud Accent Chair $195 80364
Lifestyle Triangles Rug 60″ x 96″ $350, 96″ x 120″ $695 72464
Santoro Mirage 22″ x 22″ Accent Pillow $22 78941
Beach Day Art $295 80408
Pick Up Sticks $295 80401
Crystal Clear I $110 80302
Crystal Clear II $110 80303
Crystal Clear III $110 80304
School of Fish $320 80398
Blue Whale I $95 80311
Blue Whale II $95 80312
Out of Sea $295 80402

*Wall art can shopped in-store at one of our 11 locations

Discovering Your Design Direction through the Art of Self-Expression

The best route to an interior that’s unified, unique, and most importantly inspiring, is the one that leads back to you. Meaning, when you trust your instincts and pick pieces with features you love and functions you value, you can create a truly personal and rewarding space. And if you don’t know where to begin, all you need to do is look within.

Whether you find yourself drawn to chevron or tickled by turquoise, rocking out to heavy metal accents or lighting up around anything bright, take note and let your design take off.

Our latest campaign is an ode to self-expression, encouraging you to hone in on your life, your style, your living space, and let our exhilarating array of furniture and accessories help you put it all together.



Dynamic textures and bold hues can bring a buoyant, bohemian point of view to even the most streamlined of sofas, including our utterly urbane Mischa. From the ground up, every opportunity is taken to embrace the rainbow, with a radiant rug, whimsical floral painting, and bursts of white and yellow on the throw blanket and pillow. Read More

The Awe of American Artisan – Exploring our Latest Line of Furniture

There’s something to appreciate and admire about each piece of furniture and every home accessory we offer at Living Spaces, and just a few weeks ago we introduced a new line that is truly special – American Artisan. In addition to showcasing the unique natural beauty and strength of solid wood construction, our American Artisan collections demonstrate the unparalleled excellence and integrity of Amish craftsmanship.

But to fully understand why these details matter and why American Artisan furniture is truly special, we should start from the very beginning, and the story of American Artisan begins with wood.

Eaton Bedroom Amish Furniture


American Artisan furniture is crafted using only the finest solid woods available, and that wood is harvested from responsibly managed U.S. forests. Read More

Reflecting on the Role of Mirrors

Like many of the furnishings we all know and love, mirrors have evolved from basic necessity to special accessory. Yes, we still depend on them daily – after all, most of us can’t leave the house without at least taking a quick, cautionary glance in one – but mirrors have also become a part of our interior’s artistic expression.


When you hang a mirror above your bed or over the mantle, chances are you’re doing it to achieve a certain look rather than fulfill a specific purpose, right? Well, in instances like those, you have the opportunity to realize a mirror’s full potential. Read More

Add Flair with an Accent Chair

Striking silhouettes, fashionable fabrics, versatile styles…what’s not to love about accent chairs? Of course, sofas, sectionals and loveseats are crucial to the comfort of a living space, but they require you to focus more on function than fun. Accent chairs, on the other hand, allow you to embrace what you find exciting, whether you’re inspired by bright colors and bold patterns, or a cool, quirky frame.

Accent Chairs

As much as searching for an accent chair can be a matter of love at first sight, you want to make sure you don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment. So before you make your selection, take a moment and evaluate if it will truly be the right addition to your space. Here are a few questions to keep in mind while you’re shopping: Read More

4 Reasons to Enter The Jeff Lewis Living Room Giveaway

If you haven’t already heard, we’re giving you the opportunity to win the complete look of this stylish space in our Jeff Lewis Living Room Giveaway. Jeff’s design appears in our catalog, on our website and in our stores, and now it can be yours! Need more of a reason to enter? We have four!

Jeff Lewis LIving Room Giveaway

1. The Furniture: That sleek tuxedo sofa, those handsome houndstooth ottomans, two rustic modern end tables – winner takes them all!

2. The Accessories: No need to search for the right accent items – Jeff’s already done that! They’re chic, they’re sophisticated, and better yet, they’re perfectly coordinated.

3. The Art: Gallery walls are all the rage right now, and Jeff has curated a display of adventurous art that will grace your space with the spirit of travel.

4. The Easy Entry Process: We’ve made it super simple and super quick for you to enter. All you need to do is “like” our Jeff Lewis Living Room Giveaway post on Facebook. The winner will be announced on March 17, 2014 via Facebook, so “like” our page and be sure to keep an eye out for the results.

Don’t miss your chance to win – enter now!

Tips for Finding the Right Lighting

Lamps are the kind of accessories we value as much for their practicality as we do for their personality. And fortunately for us, there’s an extraordinary assortment of styles, shapes and sizes that stand up to our lighting and decorating needs. The important thing to remember when looking for lamps, though, is that function must come first. After all, a beautiful lamp won’t do much good if it doesn’t cast its glow where you want it to go. To stay on task when finding your lighting, here are a few bright ideas to keep in mind:


For table lamps:

Mind your measurements – You don’t want to end up with a lamp that’s too high or too wide to provide the proper lighting, so take note of the lamp’s base and shade dimensions, as well as the dimensions of the surface you plan to place the lamp on. Read More

The Answer to Your Design Dilemmas: It’s All in the Accessories

Most of us have been there before – whether you’re eager to transform your space, but don’t have the beefy budget to work with, or you’ve finally found your foundation furniture, but you’re struggling with how to put your own spin on each piece.

Well, as it turns out, these design dilemmas can be solved with a quite simple, quite stylish solution – accessories. From area rugs and artwork, to lamps and pillows, it really only takes a couple of items to make your mark on your room, and the best part is, you can continue to switch them out if you want to switch up the look.

Gotta see it to believe it? Check out how we took one space and accessorized it three different ways to create three different designs. We chose to showcase the clever color contrast of red and navy, the soothing nature of cool blue and the edgy sophistication of dark nostalgia, and we did all of that with the Alicia sofa,  Vito tables and just a few fresh accents.

To get started on your own design, you can follow these basic guidelines:


The hues you choose will evoke the emotion of your space, so calm things down with mellow neutrals, spice things up with striking splashes of color, or mix them together for interest and excitement. Rule of thumb dictates that you can accessorize with up to three different shades.


From the rustic charm of French Country to the sleek style of Mid-Century, whichever design you decide upon should inspire you to pick possessions that you’re passionate about. The key to success is to keep it cohesive.


If you don’t want your space to feel sparse, create groupings of accessories throughout the room. Pile a few pillows on the sofa, hang photos and art on a gallery wall and display select accoutrement on the tabletops. To ensure a sense of balance, you can choose to arrange your elements symmetrically or asymmetrically, by varying the size of your items and space between them.

All About Wine for Valentine’s

We can’t keep our love bottled up any longer…and since the most romantic day of the year is just around the corner, we thought we’d proclaim our fixation for our favorite libation by sharing some of our favorite wine accessories with you.

All about wine for Valentine's

a. Aluminum Wine Holder  $16 73851
b. Wood Wine Rack  $33 75442
c. 3 Piece Burlap Book Box Set  $26 62277
d. 2 Piece Wood and Metal Trays  $36 76523
e. Metal Wine Holder  $18 73044
f. Metal Wine Holder  $16 76378
g. Picture  Wine $15 78151
h. One-Time-Buy Randeep Bar Cabinet  $950 69272

Find these accessories and more at your nearest Living Spaces store.

Let Your Home Radiate Beauty with Radiant Orchid

Global color authority and purveyor of design industry color standards for over 50 years, Pantone recently named Radiant Orchid as their Color of the Year for 2014.

radiant orchid flower

Described by Pantone as, “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones,” Radiant Orchid is said to awaken originality, creativity and innovation, and according to the color pros, there’s a lot you can do with this magical hue when it comes to enhancing your interior.

Soft yet vibrant, Radiant Orchid is able to uplift without overwhelming a space, so if you tend towards neutrals like beige, gray and taupe, hints of Radiant Orchid will provide just the right amount of excitement. If captivating color combos are more your style, the lovely shade of purple-pink also pairs beautifully with turquoise, teal, olive and deep hunter greens, as well as light yellows.

radiant orchid

Try bringing Radiant Orchid into your design and see what this hue can do for you.